About us

AVATAR is different as an Indian and Nepalese restaurant in Market Harborough. Our food successfully combines characteristics from Asian Cuisine with it has own culinary history creating foods that are rich with flavour and culture.  Our food is simple, subtle and satisfying famous for its nutrition level and tempting taste.

As a fine dining restaurant, our team strive to run Avatar as an establishment which offers authentically prepared quality Nepalese and Indian cooking using local product with just a modicum of a twist. We also offer a service which is at one friendly and highly efficient. With our training and experience forged as a chef in some of the luxury which include many locations across India & Nepal along with being chef in some of London’s most prestigious Indian restaurants. We have been very fortunate to utilise India’s and Nepal’s aromatic herbs, spices and other ingredients in our restaurant’s kitchen today. We have mastered their flavours both in the traditional and contemporary sense.

We want to thank all our clientele for their ongoing support to establish this restaurant and being unanimously supportive in their reviews. It has been a pleasure and an honour to have been successful in Market Harborough.

Avatar is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, parties and special events. We also offer outside catering, business meetings and corporate functions.

Mahesh Shrestha/Prakash K.C